Explorers' africa


 We know East Africa as naturalists who are descended from generations of individuals who are indigenous to this vast land of varying climates and terrain. We take you away from the beaten track and  from the madding crowds, while at the same time providing you all the creature comforts of a home away from home.  Ours is a safari that many people dream of.  Hemingway, Teddy Roosevelt and Robert Ruark would have envied us today! Our driver/guides are enthusiastic naturalists who share their knowledge of the wilderness with you. They will make your visit a learning and a memorable experience.Come with us, and savor the wilds; observe the sights and sounds of the lion's roar or listen to the cacophony of birds or the startled cries of monkeys at the start of the day and towards the end of it. Memories are made of these places and what you will see and be a part of.Come join us in this unique adventure and savour the safari experience of your lives.