About the founder M. Ismail.

M. Ismail was born in the town of Mombasa, Kenya in 1936.  From very early age, he had a great passion for drawing and painting. He has had a very colourful career as a game warden, guide instructor, naturalist, expedition leader, artist and writer. He is proficient in several languages and has travelled the world far and wide.

For most of his life he has been involved in wildlife conservation and has lectured at various institutions in the United States. He has donated several of his paintings and limited edition prints to conservation Organisations in order to raise funds for endangered wildlife species and to ensure their enduring survival. Over six hundred of his paintings are owned by collectors in the United States, including The Sioux Falls Zoo and Delbridge Museum.​


​Ismail is also an accomplished wildlife photographer and his pictures have been used in various publications. He is a keen ornithologist, botanist and adventure traveller. In 1980, he spent time with Tenzing Norgay, of Mount Everest fame exploring various routes in the High Himalayas for future trekking expeditions in Tibet.

As a highly sought - after naturalist, he has led expeditions for The New York Zoological Society, The National Wildlife Federation, The New York Botanical Gardens, The Massachusetts Audubon Society, The African Safari Club of Washington D.C., The Royal Ontario Museum, The Zoological Society of Philadelphia, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Notable among his clients was Ron Evans who captained the Apollo 17 Space flight in 1973. His expertise in the safari business extends well over 40 years.

Ismail’s Safari Company, Explorers’ Africa, specialises in wildlife photography and travel to remote locations in East Africa. Ismail is also sought - after by television companies for his managerial and scouting skills prior to the shooting of any cultural or documentary film in East Africa. Currently, the German Television Company, ARD utilizes his services.

Publications: “The Essential Safari Companion”. He has completed “The Lost Wilderness,” which was written in Collaboration with Dr. Alice Louise Thor. Safari Press of Huntington Beach, California, published “The Lost Wilderness” in December of 2000.